Zinger Fletches

The Next Generation Of Arrow Fletches!​​​

Our Mission:

To design and engineer the most user friendly, high performing, innovative arrow fletches for all archers!

Why Shoot Zinger Fletches?

-A ONE-PIECE fletch that can be made to fit any arrow
-Fletch an arrow in less than 3 SECONDS 
-Get better arrow STABILIZATION downrange due to higher degree offset
-Maintain a HIGHER FOC as Zingers are very lightweight at just 10-16 grains
-Personalize the exact fletching PLACEMENT on your arrow due to a compression fit
-Easy to INDEX your fletches to your broadhead
-FLEXIBLE with great memory yet highly durable
*-Multiple COLORS available*
-No more GLUE needed
-More EFFICIENT arrow, broadhead and bow tuning
​-Slides off on a pass-through MARKING point of impact**

-Works with drop away AND whisker biscuit style rests

*Zinger 1.0 Only...Zinger 2.0 is offered only in white*

**Zingers may stay on arrow shaft depending on compression fitment**


Patent Pending

Zinger Fletches are designed, manufactured and distributed proudly in the U.S.A. by:

Zinger Fletches

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