Zinger Fletches

The Next Generation Of Arrow Fletches!

Our Mission:

To design and engineer the most user friendly, high performing, innovative arrow fletches for all archers!

Patent Pending

Zinger Fletches are designed, manufactured and distributed proudly in the U.S.A. 

Meet The Zinger Crew

Brian Terry lives in southwest Michigan and is a cofounder of Zinger Fletches and a high school science/engineering teacher.

Steve Terry lives in southwest Michigan and is a cofounder of Zinger Fletches and a liquor salesman.

Brandon Cummings lives in southwest Michigan and is a cofounder of Zinger Fletches and an HVAC technician.

Why Shoot Zinger Fletches?

-A ONE-PIECE fletch that can be made to fit any arrow
-Fletch an arrow in less than 3 SECONDS 
-Get better arrow STABILIZATION downrange due to higher degree offset
-Maintain a HIGHER FOC as Zingers are very lightweight at just 10-16 grains
-Personalize the exact fletching PLACEMENT on your arrow due to a compression fit
-Easy to INDEX your fletches to your broadhead
-FLEXIBLE with great memory yet highly durable
-Multiple COLORS available
-No more GLUE needed
-More EFFICIENT arrow, broadhead and bow tuning
​-Slides off on a pass-through MARKING point of impact

-Works with drop away AND whisker biscuit style rests

Common Questions

What Type of Zinger Should I choose?

Z3: slightly lighter, faster, less stabilization, increased fletching clearance, less wind drift, traditional look and style.

Z4: slightly heavier, slower, greater stabilization, reduced fletching clearance, more wind drift, modern look and style.

What Degree Offset Is Right For Me?

1 Degree: less stabilization, faster speed, works with all rests, recommended for smaller mechanical broadheads and field points.

3 Degree: moderate stabilization, moderate speed, works with all rests, recommended for smaller fixed broadheads, all mechanicals, and field points.

6 Degree: more stabilization, slower speed, works best with drop away rests, highly recommended for fixed broadheads, all mechanicals and field points.

Should I Choose A Left Offset Or Right Offset?

Left Offset: has a counter-clockwise rotation from the archers point of view and often tends to loosen the tips of your arrow after impact with a target or game species.

Right Offset: has a clockwise rotation from the archers point of view and is the more common choice between the two.

So why Choose A Left Offset If It Loosens Tips?

-After bareshaft tuning, some archers notice a counter-clockwise rotation of their arrow shaft and choose to stick with the natural rotation and opt for a Left Offset.

-If using single bevel broadheads, you want to match the offset.

Example: left bevel broadhead = left offset

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