Zinger 2.0 Fletches

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Zinger 1.0 Fletches


*Please ensure you have the correct information before placing your order.  Due to the custom nature of our product, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

**By placing an order you are agreeing to the above statement. 

***Please look up your specific arrow shaft and spine to find the correct OUTSIDE diameter

****Zinger Fletches WILL NOT work without the correct dimensions.

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O.D. Of Arrow Shaft
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Zinger 1.0 Test Pack

Don't know exactly which type of Zinger fletch to purchase? 

Now you can find the perfect fletch for your specific setup by purchasing the Zinger Test Pack for you to field test before making a large purchase.  You pick the color and offset and give us your arrow O.D. , arrow make, model and spine.  

* A 6 pack will come with the following: A Z3, and Z4 Zinger fletch in each of the degree offsets (1, 3, and 6).

** A 12 pack will come with the following: Two Z3, and Z4 Zinger fletches in each of the degree offsets (1, 3, and 6).

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Offset Orientation
O.D. Of Arrow Shaft
Arrow Make, Model And Spine

Zinger Glow Strips

Brighten up any arrow setup with our Zinger Glow Strips.  Just a few minutes of sun exposure and you'll have a glow strip on your arrow that glows for hours!  Makes your arrow more visible during flight and easier to find after a pass through.  Each Glow strip will be approximately 6.5" and should accommodate a half dozen of most arrow shafts.  Most arrows will need between .75" and 1.25" per arrow of Glow Strip material and weigh between 1.5 and 3 grains each depending on outside arrow diameter.  

Quantity change may be made before purchasing in your cart

Order Glow Strips Here:

What Type of Zinger Should I choose?

Z3: slightly lighter, faster, less stabilization, increased fletching clearance, less wind drift, traditional look and style.

Z4: slightly heavier, slower, greater stabilization, reduced fletching clearance, more wind drift, modern look and style.

What Degree Offset Is Right For Me?

1 Degree: less stabilization, faster speed, works with all rests, recommended for smaller mechanical broadheads and field points.

3 Degree: moderate stabilization, moderate speed, works with all rests, recommended for smaller fixed broadheads, all mechanicals, and field points.

6 Degree: more stabilization, slower speed, works best with drop away rests, highly recommended for fixed broadheads, all mechanicals and field points.

Should I Choose A Left Offset Or Right Offset?

Left Offset: has a counter-clockwise rotation from the archers point of view and often tends to loosen the tips of your arrow after impact with a target or game species.

Right Offset: has a clockwise rotation from the archers point of view and is the more common choice between the two.

So why Choose A Left Offset If It Loosens Tips?

-After bareshaft tuning, some archers notice a counter-clockwise rotation of their arrow shaft and choose to stick with the natural rotation and opt for a Left Offset.

-If using single bevel broadheads, you want to match the offset.

Example: left bevel broadhead = left offset

NEW...Zinger Reflective Wraps!

Our Zinger Reflective Wraps were custom created by One Stringer to be very reflective while still being colorful and attractive to fit your aesthetic desire.  They also have a small black line below the Zinger logo which is exactly 1" from the end of the wrap for those that desire consistent Zinger placement on their arrow shaft. 

*The Standard size wrap is 3" long and 1" wide and weighs 8 grains

**The Large size wrap is 3" long and 1.25" wide and weighs 12 grains

***Please visit One Stringer for sizing requirements for your arrow shaft

Order Zinger Reflective Wraps Here:

Shipping Zinger wraps is ONLY $1 if purchasing separately!

Wrap Width Size (see link in description above)

*U.S. orders only (Sorry NO International Shipping)
**Shipping Calculated At Checkout

Please email us zingerfletches@gmail.com for any special requests, order questions, suggestions etc.  Thank You!

*Zingers may also be custom designed for various projectiles including but not limited to spears, javelins, jarts, darts, various children toys and other types of aerial and aquatic objects.  Please contact us for specific requests and or questions pertaining to any custom orders and we will gladly see what we can do to meet your needs!

Zinger Fletches

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